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Smart businesses don’t use Facebook as their only online tool


If Facebook is your only online tool for marketing, you might wonder why your business isn’t thriving. Despite the lofty enrollment and usage stats which FB supporters like to quote, placing all your eggs in the FB basket is a big mistake. Here are five reasons why you need to scramble your online communications mix. 1. […]

Blogging and social media management services for small busineses


Over the weekend, I had an opportunity to share a conversation with a former Constant Contact engineer who recently launched his own gourmet hot sauce business. You’d think he would be blogging and e-blasting his brains out for his new enterprise, given his skill and experience with social media. But you know what he told […]

The story behind “Smiley”


Lots of visitors to have inquired about the jovial raisin bread shown on the “Smile” page. Although that particular image is a collage of two different photos, the raisin bread portion you see here is not the result of Photoshop or other digital manipulation. It is a real-life loaf I baked a few years […]